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Halloween Makeup Hit's Different This Year - More Focus on the Face

Halloween will definitely be different this year with the COVID-19 Pandemic still lurking....sighhhh! As we all know, being on lockdown sucks especially since we are approaching month nine of quarantine. Many of us will be ditching the traditional Halloween costume and instead opting for one of the hottest makeup trends in 2020 - Painting one's face with intricate designs and special effects for a spooky or glam look.

YouTube Halloween Face Painting tutorials are all the buzz this year and here's some inspo to help get you started with your Halloween face transformation.

Half Pumpkin Face

Poison Ivy

Skull Face

Pennywise from the movie IT

Of course you can't re-create your Halloween look without supplies (makeup, face paint, props and accessories) right? You can have everything you need in a flash with the help of ordering online from Amazon or visiting your local Sephora, Michaels, and ULTA stores, making it easier than ever.

Fast forward to the part when its time to remove your makeup and face paint. Yikes! How are you going to clean all that stuff off? Now you know we got you covered in that area! LOL! We recommend using our Makeup Removers and Skincare Essentials. The Makeup Wipes, Dual Action Makeup Remover, and Deep Conditioning Makeup Remover will help remove your makeup, face paint, and dirt. Follow up, with using the Gel Cream Cleanser to wash off any excess. We recommend taking a step further and applying one of our amazing Facial Masks to deep clean, hydrate, and pamper your face. Hey Luv, your face has just gone through a lot and will most likely be in need of some TLC. Trust, your face will thank you later, we promise!

Here's to an unforgettable Halloween in 2020 and stay safe!

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