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Maskne (Mask Acne) and How To Help Prevent It

Have you been suffering from irritations under your face mask lately? Or, find yourself yelling "gross, more pimples!" The struggle is real hunny and if you answered yes, then guess what? Your'e not the only one! Mask Acne or simply put, 'Maskne' may be the cause. According to Nazanin Saedi, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Thomas Jefferson University, defines maskne as "acne formed in areas due to friction, pressure, stretching, rubbing or occlusion." She explains, "You can see it in the areas covered by the mask and also the areas where the mask and face shields touch the skin.”

In other words, Maskne occurs when pores become blocked from a buildup of oil, excessive sweat, and makeup. Add in the bacteria that develops from humidity caused from breathing, along with friction from the face mask shifting when you speak or chew and voilà, you now have Maskne!

Here are a few tips on how to prevent it:

Use a gentle Cleanser

Wash your face in the morning. Wash your face after sweating or wearing a face mask for a prolonged period of time. And, last but not least, wash your face in the evening before going to bed. We recommend using our Gel Cream Cleanser.

Protect your lips by wearing a Lip Balm or Petroleum Jelly

Dry and chapped lips are common when wearing a face mask. You can prevent chapped lips by applying a protective layer of petroleum jelly or a lip balm to your lips. We suggest applying our Smoothing Lip Balm.

Ease up on the Makeup (We know this is hard, but you can do it!)

Here's where you'll have to compromise. Concealer, foundation, and blush can clog your pores when wearing a face mask. However, you can still wear makeup on you eyes! So, bring on the eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Moisturize and Protect with SPF

Apply a moisturizer before putting on your mask. This will not only hydrate your skin but also provide a protective barrier between your face and the mask. And, we must not forget that wearing a mask does not protect your face from the sun. Sunscreen is still needed. Opt for a moisturizer with SPF. We recommend using our Daily Moisture Protection with Broad Spectrum SPF15.

Mask Maintenance

Wash your hands before and after touching the mask. Remove your mask every four hours. If your'e wearing a disposable mask, throw it away and replace after each use. If you wear a reusable mask, make sure to wash it after each use.

We applaud your effort in doing your part, protecting yourself and others against the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask. Maskne is indeed a challenge and by practicing these tips, you can protect your face too!

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