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Multi-Masking and Why it may be just what your Skin needs

Have you heard of the term "Multi-Masking"? Yup, that's really a thing and definitely a trend that has taken flight over the last few years, invading the Skin Care World. Your'e probably asking "What is Multi-Masking exactly?" It involves applying more than one type of face mask on your skin at the same time. Curious yet? Yassss hunny! It's what your face may be in need of if you have multiple issues going on with your skin. It's 2020, and we mean really, who isn't having issues with their skin at this point? From continuous mask wearing, to indulging in sweet treats on a daily basis, or just staying indoors and out of COVID's way! Your skin has had enough and It's time to give it some extra TLC.

Now you may ask, why Multi-Mask? Rather, why not Multi-Mask (chuckle-chuckle)? By targeting specific concerns all at once, such as, oily skin, dry skin, acne, and dullness; Multi-Masking will help you achieve the results your skin type needs. So now, let's ponder on what your Skin Type is (you might have more than one type) to determine which Multi-Mask will best suite your face.

You've figured out your Skin Type, so let the facial commence! Here's how to Multi-Mask according to your Skin Type:

If you have Oily Skin: The T-zone area is usually the oiliest (forehead, nose, and chin) part of your face. Using masks with ingredients containing charcoal or clay will attract and bind to oil without drying your skin. We recommend trying the Remove Cosmetics Glow Mask or the Enzyme Fruit & Flower Mask.

If you have Dry Skin: The driest areas of your skin are usually around your lips, eyes, and the apples of your cheeks. Using masks with ingredients containing glycerine, mineral oil, and hyaluronic acid will give your face that extra boost of hydration. We recommend trying the Remove Cosmetics Pore Perfecting Peel Off Mask.

If you have Acne-Prone Skin: The areas of your skin that are prone to break outs can be anywhere on your face. Using masks with ingredients containing kaolin clay, botanicals, and antioxidants will help with acne and remove impurities from skin. We recommend trying the Remove Cosmetics Enzyme Fruit & Flower Mask.

And of course, no Multi-Masking session is complete until you've rinsed off all residue and applied a moisturizer. Follow up with a massage, using either your fingers, a face roller, or an electronic device to help increase absorption and blood circulation.

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