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Skincare Routine for Hangovers

Yup, we're going there today! No one ever tells you what Skincare Routine to do when suffering from a HANGOVER 😫. No worries Luv! Remove Cosmetics has a quick & easy routine to tackle the dull skin, tired and puffy eyes you woke up with! OH-KAY!

Step 1. Go ahead & chug down some water or liquids containing Electrolytes. Hydration is key!

Step 2. Remove makeup from the night before using Remove Cosmetics Makeup Removers.

Step 3. Steam away & open up those pores with a Facial Steamer or Hot Washcloth (just make sure the cloth is a temperature you can bear).

Step 4. Wash your face with the Hydrating Cleanser.

Step 5. Apply the Warming Glow Mask.

Step 6. While masking, apply the Sugar Lip Scrub to those parched lips.

Step 7. De-puff your eyes with the Vitamin-C Eye Treatment.

Step 8. Pat your face gently with the Rose Gelée Moisturizer.

Step 9. Apply Smoothing lip Balm.

Step 10. Go back to bed! Awaken with a hydrated, fresh face!

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